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Business Operating System

A total Business Operating System provides a structured framework that ensures a strong linkage between customer satisfaction, quality, productivity and profitability. It links the strategy of the company with its tactics through the use of Key Performance Indicators, which are deployed throughout the organization. In addition, it uses a problem solving methodology that is clearly understood and is used at all levels to close performance gaps.

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Lean Six Sigma

The term describes an improvement strategy that seeks to identify, reduce, and eliminate defects from every product, process and transaction. It uses a project approach which requires defining the process function, identifying, collecting, and analyzing data, identifying root causes of current performance, uncovering relevant solutions, establishing control systems that sustain improvement and creating an information base that documents knowledge gained from projects.

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Higher Education

This program provides an outline on how this program can be applied to Higher Education and the Public School System. Before implementing Lean Six Sigma, the institution will be required to fulfill certain requirements that will ensure that the momentum can be sustained.

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Many researchers have presented a number of factors that impact the performance of students in mathematics. Some of these factors may be external to the school environment others might be internal.

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Training Programs

Performance Innovation LLC offers training workshops in the areas of: Lean Six Sigma - Leadership Development - Process Management - Strategic Management - All programs are customized to the needs of the client and can be offered on-site at the client location or off-site.

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Recent Projects

Lean Six Sigma programs:
• Lean Six Sigma for Higher Education - a Green Belt program customized for education and applied to projects that were of strategic importance to the institution.
• Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare – a green belt program using the blended approach and customized for healthcare
• Lean Six Sigma Executive Belt – a program offered to top managers interested in Lean Six Sigma
• Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – using a blended approach and offered to an aerospace supplier
• Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - using a blended approach and resulted in saving over $200,000 on a company project

Business Operating System (BOS):
Implemented a structured Business Operating System that required the creation of Key Performance Indicators to two companies in the manufacturing sector. The project involved:
• Creation of a Strategy Map
• Development and Deployment of Key Performance Indicators
• Use of structured problem solving methodology
• Structured review process at every level
• Creation of a Visual Management System

5S Implementation
A special 5S program was implemented at two companies. One done in a manufacturing environment and was implemented over a period of several months. The other done as a part of a Kaizen Event over a period of four days.

Training Programs
Additional customized training programs include:
• Team Problem Solving
• Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
• 5S

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